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Australian Olympic swimming legend Dawn Fraser to support Survivor Watch Domestic Violence campaign

1 March, 2018 Auckland New Zealand / Sydney Australia  New Zealand technology developer Jupl has partnered with Survivor Watch, Australia, to support victims of domestic violence. The Survivor Watch solution uses a Samsung Gear S3 smartwatch with a built-in discreet alarm, which allows a victim to seek help at the press of a button, alerting a emergency services to their current situation.

Jupl co-founder and CEO Alan Brannigan says, “Domestic violence is a major problem at all levels of society in both New Zealand and Australia. I am in awe of the work that Sy Laga’aia and Survivor Watch are doing and if Jupl’s technology can offer hope and empowerment to domestic violence victims – or maybe even save someone’s life – then I am inordinately proud that our team can be part of this solution.”

Survivor Watch was Co-Founded by Jay and Sy Laga’aia, pioneers and concept creator of the World's first and original 3G emergency stand alone mobile phone watch built in 2014. Sy is passionate about empowering people to help deal with situations in which they might otherwise feel helpless. The Survivor Watch series are marketed in Australia to lone workers, the elderly, high-risk environment workers, travellers and individuals that are impacted by domestic violence and bullying.

Laga’aia, a former USA bodyguard, says he has a natural tendency to protect and created most of the concept for the Survivor Watch from his past experience.

“It’s in my genetic make-up – it’s just how I’m wired. To finally have the next generation tool like this to help support those who suffer from domestic violence is an absolute break-through. Domestic violence statistics are growing rapidly and impact every facet of society, so to be working with Jupl on this project is fantastic – it’s an exciting and very worthwhile opportunity,” says Laga’aia.

The Survivor Watch campaign is unique in that it allows sufferers to be nominated (by a concerned loved one) to receive a watch. In addition, public donations can made on the website at to help fund those in need of watch, but who are not in a financial position to afford one. 

Australian Olympic swimming legend Dawn Fraser is the Ambassador for the Survivor Watch campaign. Fraser, who in the past was a victim of domestic violence herself, says she knows how devastating and frightening violence in the home is.

Jupl General Manger in Australia, Gui Feijo added, “The team at Survivor Watch is tackling a very important issue head on. Jupl wants to make a difference in our society and partnering with Sy and his team was a natural fit. We look forward to helping victims of Domestic Violence with this amazing tool.”

Sir Ray Avery, Jupl co-founder and healthcare inventor, says that the Jupl technology is ground-breaking and will impact positively on millions of peoples’ lives.

“The incredible partnership between Survivor Watch, Jupl, Spark, Samsung and Cisco-Jasper represents unparalleled innovative thinking and provides all our customers with a personal safety net whether in healthcare or other critical areas such as domestic violence,” with Jupl you are never alone, help is just a fingertip away.” says Avery. 

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26th February 2018

Survivor Watch Co-Founders were fortunate to be VIP guests at the opening of the AT&T Center of Excellence to grow its presence in the Australia and New Zealand region. The new center will help healthcare companies adopt technology trends like big data, mobility and the Internet of Things. It comes staffed with industry experts with a wealth of local and international health experience.

Pictured behind Martin Creighan the Managing Director for Australia and New Zealand AT&T is MPERS International & Survivor Watch Managing Director Jay Lagaaia.

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15 July 2018

We are proud to announce our partnership with Charlie's Angels Security Services established in Sydney Australia during a time when there was no security company established specifically with an ALL female team. The birth of Charlie's Angels was formed in 1998 by a woman for woman.

With the rise of domestic and family violence, Charlie's Angels will cater for woman who prefer to be protected by highly trained woman in close personal protection and in all fields of security including transporting, witness protection, child protection and working with survivors of domestic and family violence.

"Charlie's Angels is excited to take on this new journey with Survivor Watch in keeping our woman and children safe" - Karen Lidbury, Managing Director Charlies Angels Security Services.

Charlie's Angels Security Services provides security for: VIP, celebrities, executives, special events, private parties, corporate functions, venues, retail security; nanny/security services, asset protection and security surveillance.

The team of ‘Angels’ are sophisticated, highly trained, experienced, immaculately presented, and have exceptional PR skills.

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