Survivor Watch Affiliate Program


The Survivor Watch affiliate program allows your web traffic to access, the online storefront for one of today’s leading consumer emergency watch company. We provide the only dedicated smart watch for personal safety with our cutting edge technology embedded into the latest Samsung Gear S3 smart watch.

If you're a tech-savvy consumer wishing to purchase from among the most powerful electronics currently available on the marketplace then here is your opportunity.

Survivor Watch Affiliate Program Benefits:
 Commissionable Devices – Earn commissions when consumers you personally refer complete a valid purchase within the online store at plus, a residual income on the monthly monitoring subscription of all your referrals.
 Enticing Marketing Materials – Showcasing the latest electronics to attract technophiles.
 Everyday Appeal – Many products relied upon daily by countless satisfied customers. 

How Can This Benefit You?
A name brand known around the world such as Samsung for innovation and value, the Survivor Watch affiliate program features a consumer emergency smart watch your audience members can use throughout their day. 

Business Boon
The reliability of Samsung products are good for more than just consumers wishing to catch up on their favorite gadgets. The Survivor Watch product has multiple applications that can prove invaluable in the business world, allowing professionals to work without fear of falling behind the competition while protecting themselves and their loved ones.

Email us today at if you're interested in becoming an affiliate today with the Survivor Watch affiliate program.

NB: The Rewards Program is for our Account holders who have purchased the Survivor Watch.