Survivor Watch HOME SAFE PROGRAM Gateway Pendant

A convenience for some, new safety technology connecting a range of personal emergency devices in smart homes is changing the lives of people who have disabilities. With the introduction of the Survivor Watch HOME SAFE program including the gateway pendant, people with disabilities now have the opportunity to stay connected 24/7 encase of an emergency where immediate help is required.

The Survivor Watch Gateway is an advanced base station, capable of collecting and storing all of the wearer’s information as well as assessing its own metrics. Those are communicated to the VBN and if there’s ever a technical issue, an alert is sent to both the monitoring centre and Smartphone App subscribers.

The Pendant is the remote trigger device that connects to the Gateway, with in-built sensors that monitor whether the Pendant is being worn and tracks activity to make sure the wearer is active. Those functions can help build patterns, allow for interventions and improve the level of everyday care.

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