Anti-Bullying Consultation

Anti-Bullying Consultation

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Paula Dunn is our Chief Anti-bullying Specialist who specialises in Human Behaviour specifically Workplace Bullying and Derailing Behaviours. Paula is passionate about Anti-Bullying as she had been a victim of Bullying growing up as a child in School as well as seeing it played out in the workforce. Paula understands the short and long-term detrimental effects Bullying has on Mental, Emotional, Physical, Spiritual and Financial wellbeing. Over the years Paula has gained various qualifications to equip herself and her clients with right tools in protecting themselves against these toxic behaviours. 

Paula holds a Bachelor Medical Sciences (Hons); Master of Science (Hons); Diploma Life Coach; Advance Diploma Life Coach; Master Practitioner of Business & Executive Coach, Organisational Leadership; Certified Coach and member of International Coaching Federation (ICF); Master Practitioner of NLP & Matrix Therapies and Registered Member of Australian Board of NLP; Hypnotherapist and Member of International Conscious Hypnosis Society (ICHS) & Behavioural Consultant (E-Disc Consultant; Fingerprint for Success). 

Paula works with Victims and Organisations derailed by Bullying in the workplace to create resourceful, peaceful and pragmatic strategies to their past or current circumstances and to create Solutions Focused approaches to assist them with not only surviving but thriving in the workplace.

Paula assist Victims turn into Victors through one on one personal sessions or through Team Workshops if its to realign employees/leaders to Companies Vision, Mission & Values. 

Her consultation includes the following;

  • 6 hours 1:1 Coaching (5 Step Process) (Discuss, Diagnose, Decode, Disrupt, Reorganise)
  • Discuss – SWOT Analysis of current situation.
  • Diagnose – Utilising state of the art scientific Behaviour Profiling Tools (not Personality Test) to assess current attitudes (Thoughts/Feelings) that create the current results faced at work.
  • Decode – Analyse current Attitudes to pin point Thoughts/Feelings) behind current behavioural coping strategies, this will assist with fast-tracking the creation of Resourceful Solutions tailored to each individual.
  • Disrupt – Break current Thought patterns
  • Reorganise - Imbed new strategies and patterns.

Paula is available to conduct these one on one sessions on a private online webinar for those who cannot visit her in person at her office located in Barangaroo.

For Business Owners seeking Consultation regarding current Business Operations Matters regarding their Employees, Paula is available to visit onsite Business Location additional travel costs incurred if outside (Sydney Metro Area) or consultation can occur virtually.